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Dried Hop Garland (SALE)

£37.50 £25.00

These dried hop garlands are now on sale for clearance because they were harvested and kiln dried in 2019. They have been carefully stored but they may have become a little more brittle and their colour may be a little less vibrant than new season dried hop garlands. All of our hops are grown on our farm here in Bekesbourne. Please read more below about how to hang them and about what to expect if you have never had dried hops before.

Fresh Hop Bunches (Pre-order)


Fresh Hop Bunches are a great way to hang hops in your home and enjoy their gorgeous aroma and colour, especially if you don’t have space for a hop garland.

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Fresh Hop Garland (Pre-order)


Fresh Hop Garlands are a beautiful and traditional way to decorate your home or venue. Hung over beams or arches, hops are said to bring good luck. They have a wonderful fragrance and will dry naturally where they are hung.