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Orange Slices 250g


These dried Orange slices look fabulous in Autumn and Christmas arrangements and wreaths. Each bag will have a mix of slices of different sizes, shapes and possibly some broken slices. Approximately 250g of slices.

Pittosporum Red Preserved Leaves


Pittosporum is a floristry classic and ideal for adding volume to flower arrangement or bouquets; the preserved state means it is still shrubby with green leafy cups. The average length is around 40cm and 100g per bunch.

Important: Please note that in some dyed products the colours might occasionally run. These products should not get wet! Please be careful with your clothes and if making an arrangement that might come in to contact with walls and furniture, like a wreath, be careful that the dye does not leave any marks.

Oak Brown Preserved Leaves


Beautiful fallen oak leaves are ready for you to use in wreaths, swags, centerpieces, or to scatter on tables and mantles. These natural dried leaves are brown, and on average each branch is 50 to 60cm long.