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Prima Donna (First Gold)

Prima Donna hop plant (otherwise known as First Gold) is a dwarf variety, designed to grow to a height of around 2-3 metres in a hedgerow system. It's a good choice for small gardens where space is limited as it produces short laterals. If left to its own devices this hop will ramble over a trellis like any other variety. Bred at Wye College in 1995 this is a plant at the cutting edge of hop breeding.

Prima Donna for brewing

Prima Donna will start green and turn a little yellow later in the season, with a large number of medium to large and compact cones. Due to its wonderful aroma, Prima Donna is used in brewing to produce a traditional light bitter, and other pale and Blonde ales, with a flavour described as fruity with spicy notes.

Prima Donna Growing and Care

- Position your Prima Donna in full sun or partial shade, in moist, well-drained soil.

- Your plant will prefer neutral or alkaline loamy soil. Dig in some good compost and mulch in spring.

- As a climbing plant, provide a trellis, arch or other supports. On the farm we grow our hops up traditional coir rope, available to buy here.

- Cut back the plant to ground level in early autumn, it will remain dormant for winter.

- Prime Donna has category H6 hardiness and should tolerate temperatures as low as -15 degrees.

- They are resistant to powdery mildew but susceptible to downy mildew. Plants can be affected by aphids and glasshouse red spider mite.

Ordering and Delivery

Newly lifted bare root hop plants can be pre-ordered from late-September and will be dispatched as soon as the plants are available (usually late November, early December).

Some varieties can sell out quickly so pre-ordering is advised to avoid disappointment.

You will receive a rhizome as a bare root hop plant, wrapped in damp moss. You hop plant can be planted upon arrival while it is still dormant, and you will start to see growth in spring. Some hop varieties take longer than others to emerge so don't worry if one of your plants is slower than the others.

Overseas Customers

While we do send bare root hop plants overseas, we do not offer a replacement or refund if the hop plant fails. Please bear in mind hop plants need cold conditions in the winter, otherwise, they will not grow.

**Trade Customers**

All trade customers who require large quantities than the available listed, please contact trade@essentiallyhops.co.uk.

Price: 9.50

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