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Wedding Photography Opportunity

In the summer months, mainly July, we offer newly weds the opportunity to take amazing wedding photos in our lavender fields and flower fields. We know how beautiful our fields look when our flowers bloom so we would like you to put it to use.



There are a few things we kindly ask you to agree and awknowledge beforehand:

  • You are trespassing without prior agreement
  • Book in advance at Essentially Hops (in-store, online, or telephone)
  • Pay just £50 for a morning or afternoon shoot (midday is midway)
  • Only one booking at a time
  • These are crops and it may be harvested at any time
  • The fields usually begin to bloom in July


  • Park on the grass field near the EXIT
  • Pay for the booking at Essentially Hops shop before you enter the field, via access through farm yard (Chalkpit Farm)



Call 01227 830666 or email info@essentiallyhops.co.uk today.