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Fresh Hop Bunches

For those people who only like a small quantity of hops in their home. These are cut up freshly picked hop garlands, only available at harvest. Fronds of hops gathered together in a bunch. You can hang them as you would a bunch of dried flowers, or undo the bunch to lay on narrow shelves or dressers.

12" long x 10" wide (approx)

Fresh hop bunches are only available at harvest. The same conditions apply as for fresh hop garlands. If you need advice please ring 01227 830666.

Harvest dates are approximately 20th August until 17th September and orders placed in advance will be despatched when the hops are ready. Please select which week you would like delivery below.

*We DO NOT recommend ordering fresh hops to be sent to The Scottish Highlands & UK Islands, including N.I. as transit time is longer and fresh hops need to get to you as soon as they can after being picked. It is possible though, and we do not wish to disappoint existing customers who may have received fresh hops in the past. There may be an extra charge which will be added to your order after you have completed it online. If any extra charges required are not paid, you will not receive your fresh hops and your money will be refunded.

We regret that we are UNABLE to send fresh hops anywhere else outside the UK.

Approximately three bunches can be made from one garland.

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