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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send overseas?

We will happily try, however depending on what you are looking to buy and where it is going, sometimes the cost of delivering is expensive. Do email info@essentiallyhops.co.uk with the delivery address and what you would like to send and we will give you an estimate of cost

Can I have an arrangement made to order?

Yes. We pride ourselves on creating designs that fit exactly what our customers require. In an ideal world, we recommend visiting our shop for ideas and to talk direct to our florists. Offering a bespoke design service remotely by mail order takes a little more time but furnished with as much information as you can muster, we have much experience in satisfying our Mail order customers who do not live locally. There is no extra charge for this bespoke service just a little extra time.

What if I can’t find what I am looking for?

Please give us a call on 01227 830666. We have many items in our shop that aren’t listed on our website so if you are looking for something specific and cannot find it, please do get in touch. We would be delighted to try and help

Do you supply trade?

Yes we do. Depending on what you require and how much you need we can offer better prices, particularly on our own stock hops and dried flowers

What’s the difference between a fresh hop and a dried one?

Hop Garlands are traditionally hung in the home the day they are picked. This can only be done at harvest each year, so we dry the hop garlands so that we can stored them and put up throughout the rest of the year. Fresh hops must be put up as soon as you receive them, as they will not keep. They are better value than dried as you can fit more in a box, but do change in shape as they dry in your home. We take great care in producing our fresh hop garlands, and always aim to make sure they are clean and free from insects before we send them out. Occasionally though, despite our best efforts, mother nature can get the better of us, such is the joys of dealing with a natural product! So if you would prefer not to take the risk of extra insects or have a premises that serves food or drink under the area you plan to hang your hops, we would advise dried garlands. Dried hops can be kept to hang whenever you are ready and at the end of the day, the result is exactly the same. If you need more advice please to ring and speak to one of our experts.

How do I hang my hop garland?

We recommend securing the hops using large cup hooks, approximately a meter apart which you can hook the main stem over (like a picture frame). Once in place, and cut to the length you require, you can trim and tuck to make the garland look good

The decorative hop garland is not ready made -it has been carefully grown and trained to create this length of hops. The top 10 foot is cut as a garland for you to hang and create the finished garland in your home.

You will need to spend at least half an hour putting up and arranging your hops. Always put down a dust sheet to work on, hops have sticky pollen and lupulin that can be difficult to remove. All our hop garlands arrive with an instruction leaflet and we are always available to help over the telephone or you can watch our Hop Hanging Video

How often do I need to replace my dried flowers and hops?

Although hops and dried flowers will last for many years, the colour will go completely and they will collect dust. We recommend replacing hop garlands every year (ideally at hop picking) and your dried flowers between 6-12 months.

Why should I pay extra for upgraded delivery of my fresh hops?

The perfect way to buy your fresh hops is picked fresh the same day at the farm.

Over 26 years of packing and sending fresh hops tells us, we want to get your hop to you as quickly qs possibly to ensure the best quality possible. The cheaper service will inevitably cause a problem in quality