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Hop Hanging Video

How to hang your Hop Garland

Whilst we make every effort to grow the perfect hop, they are a natural garland and not ready made when they arrive. Just like the flowers you buy from the market, or the vegetables you buy from the farm shop, they do need some preparation to get them looking perfect in the home. Whether you buy fresh or dried hops, to get the best from your garland, there will be some waste leaf and stalk for you to snip and some trimming and tucking” to get it looking nice and even.

Each hop garland comes with helpful instructions for hanging and arranging. If you’re hanging hops for the first time then simply give us a ring when your hop arrives and we’ll give you some helpful tips and advice to make sure your garland looks its gorgeous best. Today, essentiallyhops provides one of the most extensive ranges of hop products in the UK.