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Fresh Hop Bunches (inc.delivery)

For those who would only like a small quantity of hops in their home, bunches are made from fronds of freshly picked hop garlands and are only available at harvest.


The price of fresh hop bunches includes delivery. At checkout, after you enter your address, please change 'Standard Delivery' to 'Fresh Hops ONLY'.

Just the same as the fresh hop garlands, they must be sent upgraded to arrive in the quickest time possible, and they MUST be removed from the box and hung as soon they arrive. They will dry naturally wherever you choose to hang them.


Each bunch is handmade and naturally vary, but we aim to make them evenly at 12" long x 10" wide (approx).

We regret we DO NOT send fresh hops to the Scottish Highlands & UK Islands, including N.I. as transit time is longer and fresh hops we can't ensure they will arrive in good condition in these areas. We recommend waiting for new season dried hops, available in September.

If you require more than three bunches, we will need to ship in more than one box. Please make up your required quantity by adding accordingly to your basket.

Fresh hop bunches are only available at harvest. Please select which week you would like delivery below. Three bunches can fit in one standard box.

The same conditions apply as for fresh hop garlands. If you need advice please ring 01227 830666.

Number of bunches

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