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Dried Hop Garlands

These hops are kiln dried and can be stored for use at any time throughout the year. They are at their very best in the Autumn.

Each dried hop garland will arrive individually boxed, with detailed hanging instructions. The garlands will be delivered to your door, coiled in a box, ready for you to stretch out and hang in place. You need to carefully and firmly hang them in place, and cut any excess leaf and stalk away.

Dried hops arrive un-trimmed. As they are picked from the hop gardens you will find they naturally have more hop flowers at one end than the other.

They are dried and brittle, so expect to make some mess as you handle them. There will be waste which you should throw away. The garlands are approx. 2.5-3m in length, with a width of of 15-30cm.

Price: 35.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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