hops spring

Hops are widely recognised for their use in beer and sleep pillows. They are also highly sought after for their beautiful decorative qualities, as the cultivated hop plant produces a beautiful fresh garland that is ready to harvest at the end of August.

You may have seen our hops on the TV movie "Richard II" (BBC2 June 2012) and during "Primeval" (I.T.V.1 June 2012)

At essentiallyhops we have over 60 years of hop growing experience and over 20 years of selling decorative hop garlands by mail order. We harvest, dry, condition and box our dried garlands, so that they can be stored for use throughout the rest of the year.

We also grow a wide range of grasses and flower varieties, which are either supplied fresh (during the growing season), or kiln dried, for year round colour.

At Christmas, the shop is transformed into a grotto of traditional decorations, garlands, table displays and wreaths.

Phil Spencer & Kirstie Allsopp of "Location, Location, Location" used our dried hops to decorate their home for their Christmas celebrations on "Kirstie & Phil's Perfect Christmas" (Channel 4 December 2010)

More of our products are featured in Kirstie Allsopp's "Homemade Homes" programmes on Channel 4. You too can create beautiful decorations using our wide selection of craft materials.

Our Farm Shop at Chalkpit Farm Rural Shopping compliments our range by offering a wide range of interior design ideas, from floral sundries, baskets and other dried materials a craft person may require. We also provide a service of ready made arrangements and gifts for all the family.

The hop is a wonderful natural garland used to decorate the home. Why not try to grow your own? Hop plants are available between December and April.